When you are issued your first commission payment from Green Compass, you will receive an email from notifications@greencompasspay.com. This will allow you to set up your digital wallet account, so that you can view your card balance and transfer funds to your bank account if you choose. 

Upon creating your account, you should be mailed a physical, plastic card that your commissions will be loaded onto. This should be received within 7-10 business days from the date you created your Green Compass Pay account.

If you have not received your plastic card, our partners at Green Compass Pay would be glad to help! You can notify them of the issue and request a new card by:

1. logging in to your Green Compass Pay account

2. click contact us in the top right corner (desktop/laptop device)

3. fill out the form and submit 

You can also call Green Compass Pay at  +1 (877) 325 - 8444.